AMEC 2019 2

Pictured Above: Attendees mingle at the BBQ/Buffet at the Borlace Club 7 CSSB

AMEC offically kicked off with a welcome by HOC BRIG Andrew Freeman at the Borlace Club 7CSSB on Monday 17 Sep. With over 190 at the BBQ, AMEC will spend the next two days discussing a range of subjects. It's expected that around 220 Corps Members will attend the conference, with around 150 attending the formal dininig in night on Tuesday 17 Sep.

AMEC 2019

Pictured Above: MAJ's Steve Howells and Peter Pile at the AMEC BBQ/Buffet

AMEC 2019 5

Pictured Above: RAQ Members Peter Matthews, Bruce Hermann and Brian Daley at the AMEC BBQ/Buffet