Plan CENTAUR is enhancing operational capability while improving efficiencies in the barracks environment through the delivery of a series of maintenance reform and improvement projects in stages over a three year period. CENTAUR will soon complete the first stage of its implementation phase which is already having an impact on the way maintenance is carried out in Army.

Efficiencies as a result of Lean training, improvements in the accuracy of force generation demand planning and access to technical and production information on portable ICT devices in workshops are just some of the ways Plan CENTAUR is reforming maintenance practices. Director General, BRIG David McGahey said “after a period of detailed analysis we are excited to be delivering improvements for Craftsman right through to Defence’s strategic equipment managers. As well as process changes we have also delivered improved tooling and trialled a smarter way to provide workshop consumables”.

In May, the first of two trials of improved portable ICT devices began in 3 CSSB. The trials introduced handheld tablets to enable maintainers to access tech pubs on the workshop floor. It is testing the viability of software and hardware, and measures the efficiencies in work practices as a result. A second trial has started in June in 2/14 LHR (QMI). Meanwhile, Lean training continued in 7 CSSB in May.

All three combat Brigades have now been exposed to Lean and the Units involved are reporting greater efficiency and a higher standard of maintenance. WO1 Kitching, ASM 2 Cav Regt said “the workshop was disorganised which contributed to waste. We now have a more functional layout and reduced waste which has increased the standard of maintenance.

An outcome is that the transition to CSS CONOPS has been relatively smooth.” Plan CENTAUR has identified multiple MILIS improvements. It has also identified means of reducing specialist training; improving the flow of the reverse supply chain and is developing a blueprint for adoption of information technology to enhance maintenance decisions.

In the next stage, Plan CENTAUR plans to build upon the productivity and training improvements started in stage one along with a number of new initiatives. A key focus will also be the development of a maintenance strategy for Army to inform the way future capabilities are maintained. “The next stage of the Program will help cement the benefits across the maintenance system to ensure we deliver lasting change” said BRIG McGahey. The CENTAUR team welcomes your questions and comments. For more information on Plan CENTAUR activities, search for ‘CENTAUR’ on the DRN or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.