By coincidence another attendee was Trevor Kerlin who flew from Cairns for the event. Keith and Trevor had known each other for many years both through the Army and TAFE for whom Trevor was a Technical Teacher. The two had a lot of memories to talk over. Keith remained a stayer until the last as he talked to many ex “sparkies” no doubt about ohms and amps etc.

During the drawing of the raffles, one of the prizes being a DVD of the Prince Philip Banner Parade, John Parfitt spoke of the significance of this event in the history of RAEME. A show of hands revealed many members had attended the ceremony in 1986. John then advised that one of the members attending had a very important role in the procedures, that was Chip Gorman (below) who was the Senior Major on parade and as such had the task of un-sheathing the Banner. Chip related an antidote about the problem encountered on the day of the presentation when he spent a long time extricating a stuck Banner from the zip and the resultant panning of the camera away from the key players for quite some time. His talk was well received and brought a lot of laughs. This was later emphasised when exerts of the Parade were shown to the assembly. Chips wife Judy also attended and was the lucky winner of the main prize the coveted RAEME cane.

Long standing supporters of the Reunion Fred (below) and Corrine Newby again attended. Fred having served in WW2 was the oldest member present and had the honour of cutting the cake. Fred had been a regular attendee at RAEME Association Meeting until his recent health issues.

The Honorary Colonel Commandant, Tony Borg, spoke on the role of Army Res members in present campaigns overseas and their assimilation into the Army system. The Chairman of the RAEME Association brought along his father, an ex “tankie”, who enjoyed the day. 

Several ex Recovery Mechanics always attend and have a very close bond with their own adaptation of the RAEME flag. They, and other members, were particularly interested in a diorama of a WW1 recovery operation involving a German A7V Sturmpanzerwagen better known as the Mephisto which was the actual name of one of these tanks. Mephisto has been on display at the Queensland Museum for many years.

Members were also entertained viewing several audio visual presentations including a slide show of photos of reunions dating from 2003 to 2017, The Banner Parade, exerts from the 2018 Trooping the Colour and the Marching out Parade of the grandson of John and Geneve Hague. Their grandson recently joined the Regular Army and has been posted to the Infantry.

The Chairman of the Reunion Committee, Ian Leabeater, spoke on the need for younger members to step forward and take the reins from the present Committee who are not getting any younger and we need new “blood” to keep our function viable. Well another Reunion is concluded and we look forward to next year.


John Parfitt