CFN Tim Bain

Development of the Aircraft Maintenance Trainer is progressing ahead of schedule, with 93% of the aircraft systems already handed over to the work preparation stage. Almost all mass consumable items and long-lead items have been delivered, with most components awaiting further assembly steps. Travel restrictions associated with COVID-19 are likely to impact the crucial acceptance checks required to be carried out by MRH Wing, in location in Germany. However, MRH Wing is hopeful that if international travel restrictions are not eased by February 2021, alternative means of assuring design quality can be conducted. Delivery to RAMS is still anticipated in September 2021.

The AMT will replicate a live aircraft, allowing for removal and installation of all major components, while minimising the risk of damage to the live aircraft during training. It is important to note that the AMT will not negate the need for a live aircraft, but will serve as an additional training aid to increase student confidence and familiarity with key aircraft systems, and further support increased throughput of trainees. Furthermore, development of the other training devices has certainly not ceased, with the aggressively task-focused MRH90 Avionics Lead Instructor WO2 Kris Lewis forging a path ahead with train-the-trainer sessions conducted for the MRH90 Avionics Systems Trainer.

Images and Article Courtesy of RAMS