RAQ ANZAC Day Function Brisbane 2024

From 25.04.2024 11:00 until 25.04.2024 17:00

The good news is we have confirmed the post March Brisbane function will be held at the Port Office Hotel. The private RAEME function at the Port Office will be open from 1100h and the Buffet Meal will be served from approximately 1200-1400h on the day.

Feel free to gather/sit where you are comfortable. To enter prior to 1400h you will need to purchase a ticket. This is our most popular event of the year and we strongly encourage you to pre-purchase a ticket as the simplest and easiest way to attend. Pre-purchasing gets you into the event. Ticket sales on the day will be full price.

ANZAC Day Brisbane 2021 78

Ticket Type (Per Person)
Discount Tickets to COB 19 April 2024
From 20 April and @ the Door on ANZAC Day
  • Financial RAQ Member, or
  • Serving Soldier, or
  • One guest of a Member or Soldier

$25.00 each pp

$35.00 each pp

Non-Members, Email Affiliates & extra guests

$35.00 each pp
$45.00 each pp

Please note: This is a private function on ANZAC Day. For those guests attending prior to 1400h must purchase a ticket for entry.

Exchanging Tickets for Entry/Drink/Meal Vouchers

If you have Pre-Purchased tickets, the best option is to print out your E-ticket and bring it along on the day. It will be exchanged for:

  • 1 x Priority Entry
  • 1 x Meal voucher for a hot Meal
  • 2 x Drink vouchers

If you cannot print your ticket or forget to bring it, we will have attendee lists available to check, however this may delay entry to the venue.

Timings - Entry - Drinks -Meal 

The Port Office Hotel will be open from around 1100 hrs. Drinks will be available for purchase using either a drink voucher or purchased across the bar. The Buffet Meal for those with Pre-Purchased Tickets will be served from approx 1200-1400 hrs. 

Important note: This is a private event. Entry is restricted to ticket holders only until 1400hrs

ANZAC Day March - Details are here

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Please Note: Unless impacted by COVID restrictions, as we have to pay for catering regardless of your attendance, once purchased and paid for we unfortunately can't refund if you don't attend. Please advise us if you have any specific dietary requirements

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