RAQ Post Lockdown Function - Port Office Hotel Brisbane

From 01.08.2020 11:00 until 01.08.2020 16:00
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Come along to the RAQ Lunch to celebrate our post COVID 19 freedom and help support the Brisbane meeting point of the Association, the Port Office Hotel, who have had a difficult 12 plus months.

A function is being scheduled for Saturday 1 August 2020. 


  • Port Office Hotel
  • 40 Edward Street, Brisbane


  • 11:00 - 16:00 Saturday 1 August 2020 - Doors do not open until 11am and lunch will be served from approx 12.30, so no need to rush.


  • Casual


  • RAQ Financial Members $20 per head and up to one guest at RAQ member price
  • Non-members $25 - can pay online for full price
  • Dine in lunch with three menu options served to alternating table places
  • Drinks - table service at own cost
  • Bookings essential

COVID19 Restrictions : 

  • All patrons must be seated when eating or drinking. You can still order, pay or collect food and drinks at the bar or service counter, however you'll need to pull up a chair to drink and eat.
  • We have an allocated area set aside for our function. There are two tables reserved for our special guests. The remainder are available for members to sit and enjoy the day. 


  • Sunday 26 July 2020

For further details please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joining the RAQ

If you'd like to join and save on your ticket price, Membership is available from $10 Annual Subscription to $100 for a once off Life Subscription. Joining is easy and can be done online. Click on the Membership tab for all the details


  • HOC BRIG Todd Ashurst

    HOC BRIG Todd Ashurst

    Currently appointed as Director General Logistics - Army. In this position he is responsible to the Chief of Army for strategic logistic, governance and technical regulatory management in support of Army’s mission and tasks.

    Todd also has responsibility for developing and implementing Army’s strategic policies related to infrastructure, safety, security, and enterprise risk management.

    He has extensive experience in command, training and operational appointments.



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