Point and shoot photo exhibition - Queensland


Pictured above: RAQ Life Subscriber Des Kearton's photo from Vietnam going to a concert party at Nui Dat, Vietnam in 1968, has been selected to be displayed in the 2023 Point and Shoot- Australian veteran photography exhibition showing in Brisbane 13- 15th October, and in Townsville 20- 22nd October. The online display for viewing from 23rd October.

From its Tasmanian beginnings in 2020, Point & Shoot launched onto the national stage in 2022 and continues to grow.

Showcasing a powerful collection of career imagery and accompanying stories from Australian veterans, this exhibition brings a voice to the unique experiences of serving personnel.

Covering military service from post World War II onwards, the exhibition commemorates a range of modern conflicts, peace operations and service and provides a rare glimpse into the life and experiences of fellow Australians who have served their country. 

Point & Shoot is the concept oPoint Assist founder Mark Direen, a former Infantry and Special Forces soldier with over 20 years military service including 6 overseas deployments. 

The purpose of the Point & Shoot exhibition is not to display perfectly captured photos from professional photographers. But rather, to share some of those moments frozen in time that those who serve our nation thought were worth remembering. We invite all Australian veterans to submit an image. Everyone has a story and we encourage you to share yours.

M88 recovers Abrams - Queensland

M88 3 BDE Sep 2023

Pictured above:  M88 Hercules getting this Abrams Tank back into the fight

Each M88A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift and Evacuation System (HERCULES) armoured recovery vehicles. Valued at over $58 million. The HERCULES main role is to support Australia's existing fleet of Abrams main battle tanks. 

The HERCULES, weighing in at 58 tonnes is primarily used for repairing and recovering tanks and other vehicles in combat situations.

Manufactured by BAE Systems, the HERCULES boasts overlay armour protection, ballistic skirts, an extended 35-ton boom, a 63,504-kilogram main winch with 280 feet of cable, and an auxiliary 3-ton winch to facilitate main winch cable deployment.

Image courtesy of Defence

Sky Ranger R70 unmanned aerial system - Darwin

Skyranger R70

Pictured above: The Sky Ranger R70 unmanned aerial system operating at RAAF Base Darwin, NT, in 2022. Photo: Leading Aircraftman Sam Price

Having your next batch of ammo or rations arrive via drone could be no more than a couple of years away, after innovation contracts were awarded to develop tactical logistics uncrewed aerial systems.

Contracts were awarded in August after companies successfully pitched their ideas at Army Innovation Day 2022.

Jabriu Aircraft was selected in the medium-lift category with a coaxial quadcopter the company hopes will lift and deliver a 50kg load in an Army trunk.

Another selected for the heavy lift category was Crystalaid’s eight-rotor, turbine-powered UAV with a planned lift capacity of more than 800kg.

Crystalaid Director Ross McKinnon said the craft’s redundant systems would mean it could take damage and still fly after losing systems, including rotors.

Some rotors would provide lift, while others control direction, meaning the craft remains level when moving, unlike traditional helicopter designs.

“When you’re moving casualties or containers you don’t want it tilting all the time. Moving in a flat plane helps operationally in some situations,” Mr McKinnon said.

Army will work with each company over the next two years to develop and mature logistic UAS technologies to deliver combat supplies to soldiers in restricted terrain or high risk environments.

The innovation contracts will see Crystalaid and Jabiru demonstrate their technology to Defence in late 2024. While Geodrones will demonstrate theirs in early 2025.  

Image and article courtesy of Defence 


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